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We are an importer and supply of technical tube tools, i.e. tube cleaning machines, tube cleaning tools & accessories, tube expansion tools & machinery for the manufacturing of boiler, heat exchangers, evaporators juice heaters of sugar mill & many others for an industrial process in Thailand. All of tube tool products are European standard with high quality, mainly we import from India.

about us vigorpower.co.th

We are also providing the innovative tube cleaning service and maintenance solutions equipment for an industrial plants, in food plants processing facilities. the cleaning machine can help you clean easily, remove grease, soils, allergens and more cleaning surfaces for more efficient energy. It makes you economical and the machine works at full capacity That’s why it’s often the first choice in so many applications around the world to use the cleaning tube tools. They are well known for delivering safe, sustainable and efficient energy.

about us vigorpower.co.th

"All our products are for the benefit and the most satisfied of our customers at the best and competitive prices. "

- vigorpower.co.th

We especially supply the following industries:

  • Sugar mills
  • Food processing
  • Hospital  
  • Hotels
  • Heating ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Power plants

For main tubes of :

  • Boilers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Condensors and chillers 
  • Evaporators


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